Online Writing Room

WSIP is excited to host a weekly online writing room where writers of all genres and backgrounds can find a peaceful environment to breathe, focus, and write.

Each session will begin with a short mindfulness practice (e.g. breathing, somatic movements, journaling, among others) to help you relax, set an intention, and write. A Writing Specialist will guide a wellbeing practice and be available to answer questions and facilitate your writing. 

The general format will include: 

  • 15-20 mins - mindful practices 
  • Writing with intent 
  • Ending with breadcrumbs

You can choose to participate in the practices or jump right into your writing time. Stay with us for a few minutes, or the whole 2 hours-- it's up to you! 

Be sure to visit our Facebook page for tips, updates, and conversations about writing!

We invite all writers to join us. Registration is free for University of Arizona students and only $70/year for everyone else.  The Online Writing Room is open every Wednesday, 12-2 pm (Mountain Standard Time).

FEE-BASED 12-Month Subscription available to any writer
  • Access to the WSIP Online Writing Room
  • Access to a Resources and Materials page
  • 1-hour separate feedback session with a WSIP Writing Specialist
  • After you have registered, contact us before making your payment on 3DCart.

FREE for UA undergraduate and graduate students
  • Access to the WSIP Online Writing Room 
  • Access to a Resources and Materials page